You can't think your way out of trauma

If you’re used to trying to figure “it” out and you love making sense of things and find being logical and rational helpful, you’re not alone. 
We've been taught to live in our heads. We've been taught to understand and make sense of things. We've been taught to live from our higher brain.
And all of this serves great purpose!

However, when it comes to healing trauma we HAVE to support ourselves further by bringing “more of us” into the explorations. We need to understand and explore how our mid and lower brain and our autonomic nervous system play a VERY important roll in us being stuck in our trauma. We must learn to listen to our body’s responses, our emotions, our behaviours and movements and discover what arises organically for us. We have to look at the whole picture.

So, instead of focusing on “figuring it out” I encourage you to check in and notice. There’s a lot happening that can give you all kinds of new insight and information. You just have to learn to listen and get curious.

A heads up though, this might be unfamiliar territory for you. Chances are you weren’t taught to pay attention, get curious and support what’s happening in your body. You’ve likely been taught to understand, make sense of, have control of and figure things out.

It’s time you discover a new way of doing things. Start by getting curious and being open to exploring in unfamiliar ways. See where it takes you!

If you’re after some assistance in that, I encourage you to check out my free Survival Guide or check out my program DISCOVER. I’d be happy to support you on these inquiries!

Here's to looking at things from new perspectives!

✨  Nicole



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