Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®, Somatic Practice, Feldenkrais® & Yoga Practitioner

I'm an explorer, a surfer, and a lover of the ocean, earth and big old growth trees. I'm fascinated by all of us human beings and I geek out on anything mind, body and soul related.

I'm committed to supporting people in recognizing their own innate ability to move past the blocks that are stopping them from living a fulfilling life.

For this to happen we each need to move out of survival, recognize that we are already whole, find regulation within our nervous system and be more connected within our mind, body and soul.

What drives me is seeing, feeling and knowing that the potential to do this lies in each of us.

I am here to create a movement. 
To get the word out before it’s too late and to have more and more people recognize that change is possible. 
Both within ourselves and globally.

Together we can make a difference. 
Together we can be the change.

Are you ready to dive into the deep with me?



My practice is a blend of a whole lot of things. I merge my knowledge from Feldenkrais® (the work of Moshe Feldenkrais), yoga and most importantly Somatic Experiencing® (the work of Peter Levine) and Somatic Practice (the work of Kathy Kain). I also blend in my knowledge and tools gained through working with the Crystalline Consciousness Technique™.

I address patterns that stem from trauma - including shock, developmental, inter-generational and really anything that involves the need to survive.

My style of working is very intuitive and awareness based. It involves seeing YOU as a whole and supporting you as you move out of the survival responses that you're stuck in, into the wholeness that is your truth.

Sessions are very dependant on what's showing up for you. There are times when we use table work to communicate directly with the nervous system through touch and other times when we may explore what's showing up for you through conversation while focusing on what you're experiencing (versus focusing on the story).

It’s time for you to shift out of survival and start thriving by building capacity, becoming more resilient and start living the life you deserve!

Please note, my practice is currently full and I only offer one on one opportunities and group sessions to people who are part of my DISCOVER Program.



I don’t have a middle name.
I love chocolate.
My first language is German.
I have a dog named Rio.
I used to want to be a firefighter.
I struggle with cars going below the speed limit.
I like lazy mornings - unless the surf is good!
I don’t drink coffee.
My goal is to have my pilot's license and to own a plane by the time I’m 50.



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