Our true nature is revealed when we learn to listen to the wisdom within ourselves.

Living from wholeness and with empathy while holding space for our humanness will change the world.

By creating space for love and grief we recognize that we are part of something  bigger than ourselves.


I am just like you. Full of patterns based on survival, conditioning, and impacted by our societal pressures and expectations. And, just like you, I am also a whole, sovereign being. Here with purpose, and on a journey, to continue to evolve and live as part of the collective consciousness.

I see myself as a guide who shares and supports from a place of embodied knowing, while also walking the path alongside you, as I continue to dive into understanding the depth and richness of my own human experience. I believe that the journey is never ending and that the only way that we can make real long lasting change is by connecting into our own internal wisdom. I'm here to teach you from my own perspectives while encouraging you to discover your own!



I don’t have a middle name. 
My first language is German.
I have a dog named Rio.
I used to want to be a firefighter.
I struggle with people driving below the speed limit.
I like spacious, slow mornings - unless the surf is good! 
I don't pee in my wetsuit.
I don’t drink coffee.
My goal is to have a camper van and travel around the world offering in-person workshops.
I'm a Manifesting Generator, my sun is in Taurus, my rising is in Sagittarius, and my moon is in Aries.


My practice is a blend of a number of modalities, but most importantly, how I guide and support others is a reflection of the knowledge I've gained through my own personal inquiries and experiences. Having an embodied sense of what I'm teaching is so important to me and it is my intention to always teach from a place of deep knowing, while guiding you to gain access to, and deepen your relationship with, your own internal wisdom.

I'm committed to supporting people in creating change at cellular and energetic levels while guiding them to listen to their own internal wisdom. My workshops and programs provide educational and experiential tools and practices that will move you out of survival, lead to more regulation within your nervous system, and have you recognize that you are a whole sovereign Being.  

My style of working is very intuitive and awareness based. It's very easy for me to tune in and pick up on what's happening within other peoples experiences as I support them in exploring their conditioning and patterns that are often rooted in trauma - including shock, developmental, inter-generational and really anything that involves the need to survive while also guiding them towards their wholeness and sense of Self.

I enjoy weaving the spiritual in with the science as I share the wisdom I have gained from my own personal journey thanks to the support of my incredible mentors and the learning that has happened through my training in Feldenkrais® (the work of Moshe Feldenkrais), yoga, Somatic Experiencing® (the work of Peter Levine), and Somatic Practice (the work of Kathy Kain). I also blend in my knowledge and the tools gained through a foundational courses in Internal Family Systems (the work of Richard Schwartz) as well as all I have learned through my spiritual practice and the deep soul based work I have been journeying in.

My dream is for people to recognize and create more space for being human in all of its complexities, from a place of wholeness and with grace. Life is too precious to be stuck in fear. It's time for us to connect and remember what it truly means to be human and a part of nature!

"To experience Nicole’s capacity to hold with love the sneaky and wonderful ways that survival patterns show up is the biggest gift I believe someone could give themselves. "
Leah, England

"The session we had together last week was probably the most subtle work we’ve done, but truly has been the most profound. I can’t tell you the shift I feel in my nervous system. My whole life I’ve never felt settled or peaceful around my Mum. Always slightly jacked and quite alert. All of that is gone. And what has taken its place is peacefulness. I’ve never felt this relaxed in her presence and I wanted to say thank you. This work is so subtle but my god, does it work. Can’t quite believe we got to the core of that"

Penny, Australia


I have so much appreciation for my teachers and mentors over the years. I am forever grateful for the wisdom they share and the space they hold for me to find my way. 

Thank you for guiding me.
Thank you for helping me untangle.
Thank you for helping me piece together.
Thank you for helping me thaw.
Thank you for helping me see.
Thank you for helping me remember.
Thank you for being part of my journey.


Chris Dierkes (Soul Work)
Colleen Felgate (Yoga)
Darryl & Jennifer (Soul Work)
Dea Parsanishi (Somatic Experiencing®)
The Earth's Medicine
Francis Weller (Soul & Grief Work)
Ian Macnaughton (Somatic Experiencing®)
Irene Lyon (Feldenkrais Method® & Somatic Experiencing®)
Jeff Haller (Feldenkrais Method®)
Jessie Phoenix (Somatic Psychotherapy)
John Prendergast (Meditation)
Kashi Richardson (Yoga)
Kathy Kain (Somatic Experiencing® & Founder of Somatic Practice)
Kristin Campbell (Yoga)
Leslie Young (Yoga)
Moshe Feldenkrais (Founder of The Feldenkrais Method®)
Peter Levine (Founder of Somatic Experiencing®)
Richard Schwartz (Founder of Internal Family Systems)
Krow, Red and the council

To all my clients and program participants; thank you for showing up as YOU in all of your patterning and conditioning, and in your truth. Without you I would not have the wisdom I have today. You have shown me how brilliant we as human beings truly are. Your commitment and your willingness to create change inspires me every fricken day. I can’t thank you enough.

To all my family and friends. I love you. Thank you for being part of my journey as I shift out of being independent and protected and discover what it means to belong, to be supported, and to not have to do it alone.

And most importantly, thank you to my dog Rio for the unconditional love and presence and for always reflecting my states back to me. I don’t know where I would be without you at my side!


Various Yoga Trainings

The Feldenkrais Method® (2008-2012) 

Somatic Experiencing® (2015-2018) 
Master Classes with Peter Levine:
- Eye of the Needle (
Part 1) (2018) 
- Syndromes
(2019 - Current)

Somatic Practice with Kathy Kain
- Touch Skills Training
- Somatic & Complex Emotions

Soul Based Work & Crystalline Consciousness Technique with Chris Dierkes  (2019-present)

Meditation Retreats with John Prendergast (2019-2021)

Initiation & Grief Workshops with Francis Weller (2020/2022)

Applied Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy: Foundations to Practice  (2022) 


I’ve always been someone who enjoys adventure, living spontaneously, and following my impulses. Here are the footnotes of where this way of living has taken me! 

I left home at the age of 18 to live and snowboard in Whistler, BC.

At the age of 19 I did a month-long placement at a fire department in Hamburg, Germany. (My family is German and German was my first language). I had spent a semester doing a co-op at a fire department in my hometown and had intentions of becoming a firefighter or ambulance attendant.

Shortly after that placement I ended up back in Whistler where I started teaching both snowboarding and swimming, while I also life guarded. This ski town was my home base until I was 29. The list of jobs I had during this time is pretty long!

After not passing a physical for a job as a forest fire fighter by a few seconds at the age of 22, I made my way to Australia where I learned to surf. I also took 3 months to backpack around South East Asia. 

I did my yoga teachers training mainly so I could continue to travel and work at surf camps at the age of 24. I spent 5 years teaching yoga in Whistler at high end resorts and studios. 

While at the beginning of my yoga career, I decided to become a raft guide at the age of 25. That lasted a season although I dated a guide and got to go on some epic adventures because of it.

I moved to Morocco to teach yoga and surfing at a surf camp at the age of 29. This led me to years of working at surf camps in places like France, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Tofino BC until I was 37 years old.

Through it all I completed a 4 year training to become a Feldenkrais teacher at the age of 31.

I officially became a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner after 3 years of training at the age of 37 and I continue to educate myself in the somatic realms through assisting trainings, and taking master classes.

Over the years I have also deepened my spiritual practice thanks to the support of mentors like Chris Dierkes, Francis Weller, and John Prendergast.

I’m now 42 years old.

I’m grateful that I often felt supported to follow any impulses, I rarely doubted my decisions, and I have few regrets.

I’m now aware that my self righteous, and “having it all together” survival patterns supported me in this lifestyle. I’m aware that me always being on the go supported my fears around commitment, being seen, and being vulnerable. I’m also aware that living in a way where I followed my impulses and desires for spontaneity and adventure is aligned with who I am. I see everything as a range. Sometimes our actions are our patterns supporting us by protecting, managing, controlling, and distracting us from our pains and challenges, while other times it’s a true representation of who we are. 

Nowadays, to me, the journey is about recognizing the way I move through the world in my patterns and in alignment with my truth. To deepen my understanding of my human experience I have to be open to see, hold, and explore how it is I'm engaging in life with curiosity and empathy. I have to be willing to explore my edges of the unknown, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable. And I have to recognize when I'm choosing the familiar, comfortable, and more survival base ways of navigating life verses when I'm choosing to live in a frequency that's in alignment with my true nature and in my purpose. It's not easy. It's messy. And I believe it's an ongoing journey and that excites the shit out of me! I'm grateful for the opportunity to guide those that are curious about what's possible through a life filled with inquiry and possibility!