If what I share speaks to you, I invite you to join me in one of my programs to discover the depth that this work can offer you in support of your journey!

EXPLORE is a 3 hour workshop that teaches you my 4 primary principles. They ar offered both in-person and online. Come discover what's possible when you learn to listen to your body, support your nervous system, shift out of your patterns & conditioning, & live from wholeness!

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DISCOVER is a program designed to support you in accessing that potential that you feel deep inside you.
With 8 modules, weekly pod calls with Nicole and her team, weekly Q&A's and Demo Calls you will be well supported through this journey as you discover what it means to integrate and embody what you're learning.
It's time to shift out of your survival patterns and your trauma that are holding you back!

The next round will start in January 2024!

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DISCOVER has helped me feel more grounded in myself and trust myself more. I'm no longer hit with a shot of adrenaline when I open my work email or when my landlord texts me. I've stopped wandering around with a nagging sense that I've somehow done something wrong. And, when that feeling does arise, I'm able to observe it, be curious about it, and move through it (rather than believing it!). Since participating in DISCOVER, it's become easier to ask for what I need and stand up for myself, even when it feels uncomfortable.


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If you are feel you are in a place where other modalities or treatments haven't wholly delivered, and you are feeling like there is more under the surface that what counselling, or other therapies is getting to, that this course is an incredible way to learn about yourself, to share with others and to receive an extraordinary kind of support while doing it. Very different and arguably much more impactful than self-help, and impactful in a different way than 1-1 therapy or modalities. It has also helped equip me to put a lot of this into more regular practice, rather than to wait until I have an 'SOS' moment.

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What I got out of DISCOVER was support, belonging, kindness, caring, connection and greater access to my wholeness. It has been profound being a part of DISCOVER. I am grateful for the safe, containing and boundaried space that you held for all of us. You created such a healing community that held some really difficult experiences and emotions I have been navigating for the past four months. It has helped me understand and know my wholeness versus my survival patterns in an embodied way, which has ultimately given me hope for a new way of being in the world.

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