Deepen your connection to yourself and to your inner wisdom.

In a time where we have access to so much information outside of ourselves, learning to listen to our own inner experiences has never been more important.

When you learn to listen to the language of your nervous system, and pay attention to the changes that happen within your body, you're able to recognize when you're in your patterning and conditioning around surviving, or when you're showing up in alignment with your truth.

With this awareness you'll discover space around all the fascinating ways you navigate life. Your trauma, and the burdens you carry, can be addressed with more ease. You'll awaken to having choice. And you'll find yourself more present and in flow!

Now let’s face it, we all have our ways of adapting and surviving in the world, thanks to our traumas and burdens - whether they stemmed from this lifetime, our ancestral lineage, or cultural and societal influences. What I’ve witnessed in my clients (and experienced in my own personal journey) is that the more that we connect with our wholeness, shift out of trying to fix ourselves, explore with awareness and curiosity, and have some fun in the process, the more we will organically find ourselves in flow. Connected, and living as part of the collective.

It comes down to creating awareness and space around your experience.

By creating more space, awareness and curiosity towards your internal experiences, and by shifting out of the way’s you’ve been protecting yourself, you’ll naturally find yourself living your life with more trust, grace, and ease. Your relationship to yourself, others and to the planet will deepen and become more intimate. Your impulses, instinct, intuition, and deep knowing will become clearer and will become what guides you through life. Don't get me wrong, the process can be messy and it's ongoing, but the more you explore, the more you’ll find yourself standing in your power and knowing what’s true for YOU.  All of this allowing you to step more fully into what you’re meant to do here at a soul level, while having fun doing it!



Somatic Experiencing®, Feldenkrais®, Somatic Practice, Yoga, & Internal Family System Informed Practitioner

Just like you, I’m a whole and sovereign being, who also has patterns based on survival, conditioning, and impacted by our societal pressures and expectations. And like you, I’m here with purpose, to continue to evolve and live as part of the collective consciousness.

I’m a guide who supports from a place of embodied knowing, while also walking the path alongside you. My style of working is very intuitive and awareness based. I’m able to tune in to what's happening within other peoples experiences as I support them in exploring their conditioning and patterns that are often rooted in trauma, which can be anything that involves the need to survive.

My practice is a blend of modalities and I enjoy weaving the spiritual in with the science. Most importantly, how I guide others is a reflection of the knowledge I've gained through my own personal inquiries and experiences. I'm committed to supporting people in creating change at cellular and energetic levels while guiding them to listen to their own internal wisdom.

My offerings provide educational and experiential tools and practices that will move you out of survival, lead to more regulation within your nervous system, and have you recognize that you are a whole sovereign Being.  

I believe that the journey is never ending for all of us and that the only way that we can make real long lasting change is by connecting into our own internal wisdom.

My dream is for people to recognize and create more space for being human in all of its complexities, from a place of wholeness and with grace.

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The Experiential Guide

Are you curious about the patterns that you find yourself stuck in?
Are you interested in deepening your awareness of yourself and the human experience?
Are you looking to connect more with your body and inquire into your stories from a cellular perspective?
Are you wanting to experience yourself as whole and sovereign?

I encourage you to download this guide!

Filled with self-reflection questions, tips, and links to resources to support you further in your personal inquiries, this guide is a great way for you to learn about yourself and create change in new, profound ways.

Be sure to join me, Nicole Lohse on The Experiential Podcast each week for ongoing opportunities to use this guide as a way to explore and get curious about the patterns that show up for you around the topics we're discussing!