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Low-self esteem, racing thoughts, hyper-awareness, fear of connection, feeling like I don't belong, wondering why I keep myself busy-busy? DISCOVER allowed me the time and space to go inward. Time to explore those parts of myself that I keep hidden- the parts that feel broken, bad and shameful. The parts the feel unlovable and unbearable. DISCOVER allowed me to realize and feel my wholeness for the first time in my life. I was able to hold my own hand and face the parts of myself that were not safe. And I am able to sit with the discomfort now, knowing that I am whole regardless.

 Kelly, California USA

Nicole is an earth angel. Her energy and work is out of this world. I have had many signs to work on my nervous system and I'm so grateful that I choose her to dive into this work with. She is so intentional with making the environment comfortable for everyone, yet helps you explore areas that are very uncomfortable within. I learned so freaking much and I feel like I am forever changed. This work is something we all need to do + there is no way you wouldn't benefit from it!! I feel so much more capable to handle all of life and accept myself on a deeper level. I am creating even deeper bonds with the people in my life and have been spreading what I learned with my friends and clients! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

— Lexy, California USA

Love, safety, connection, care and presence have been what I’ve had the gift of experiencing in the EXPAND program over the last year. The rooted, unwavering and gentle presence of Nicole provided the conditions to surrender to deep intimacy with the other practitioners in the group, which lead to deep healing and growth. I have moved through layers of my trauma and burdens that have provided a freedom and ease within me that I will be forever grateful for. To experience Nicole’s capacity to hold with love the sneaky and wonderful ways that survival patterns show up is the biggest gift I believe someone could give themselves. When I think back to when I first started SE with Nicole I have so much gratitude for how much patience she has had with me. To slowly, bit by bit, bring me back into my body and away from the vortex of the story has allowed me to be with myself and others in a much more authentic and whole way, and being and breathing in life in that way, where it can be received without fear is everything.

Leah, London England

If you are feel you are in a place where other modalities or treatments haven't wholly delivered, and you are feeling like there is more under the surface that what counselling, or other therapies is getting to, that this course is an incredible way to learn about yourself, to share with others and to receive an extraordinary kind of support while doing it. Very different and arguably much more impactful than self-help, and impactful in a different way than 1-1 therapy or modalities. It has also helped equip me to put a lot of this into more regular practice, rather than to wait until I have an 'SOS' moment.

— Luke, Vancouver BC

During my time with Nicole in DISCOVER my experience or myself and my world has changed dramatically. I learned that responding to my anxiety trying to fix it or get rid of it was not doing me any good. In the 4 months we spent together doing this work I got off of my anxiety medication and learned of my wholeness. Learning of my wholeness means for me that I am aware of and feel whole. My whole life I have felt broken and fragmented. Nothing has ever helped with that. I love somatic experiencing with Nicole.

— ALIA, Colorado USA

The DISCOVER program is profound. It is the missing ingredient to self-growth work. It tied everything together for me: from spiritual work to trauma work to nervous system work. This program is unique in the way that it approaches things from a bigger picture and inclusive manner. It encompasses all aspects of our experience and self rather than one facet of it. So many worlds opened up within myself during DISCOVER; worlds that made me feel deeply alive and connected again. This program has allowed me to move into places in my body and into experiences that I didn't even know were possible. I am a FEELER. My sense of my internal world is that I feel absolutely everything, within everyone and within our planet. I am very sensitive and this has left me constantly feeling overwhelmed and feeling like a mess inside. DISCOVER has helped me start to untangle all of those pieces. It has helped me decipher what is mine (survival parts vs my wholeness), what is other people's and what is the collective's. This has been essential for me to live my life in a more functional, whole, and connected way. This program also has taught me to be more gentle with myself, which has allowed me to start to access parts of myself that have needed attention for a long time. I have learned so much about my own nervous system and now have a relationship to that system. I honestly feel like my nervous system is now my friend. I observe the good, the bad, and the ugly and I'm learning to just be there for it as a compassionate witness as it learns to regulate. The shifts have been so subtle and gentle and yet incredibly deep and life-changing. A perfect medley of all the things needed to embrace and start to embody the Whole Human Experience. I am so grateful for Nicole and this program. I cannot recommend DISCOVER enough!!

— Sierra, Arizona USA

Nicole has helped me view whatever comes up as part of the experience of being human. Looking at my experience from a nervous system perspective feels vital to me. I am leaving behind ideas of getting things wrong. My body is intelligent and why would I continue choosing not to listen? Why would I separate what I think is right for me and what my body tells me is right for me? Maybe they can be the same. Thank you Nicole for your great explanations, metaphors, reflection questions and gentle response.

— VERA, Netherlands

DISCOVER has helped me feel more grounded in myself and trust myself more. I'm no longer hit with a shot of adrenaline when I open my work email or when my landlord texts me. I've stopped wandering around with a nagging sense that I've somehow done something wrong. And, when that feeling does arise, I'm able to observe it, be curious about it, and move through it (rather than believing it!). Since participating in DISCOVER, it's become easier to ask for what I need and stand up for myself, even when it feels uncomfortable.

— Lisa, Vancouver BC

We all have shadow and light within us. Being weird and distant and cold is me in my shadow. That is because for my entire life, typical day-to-day stressors felt like life-or-death threats. I lived each day “clinging” to life like I was going to lose mine with the next human interaction.

For over 20 years I turned to talk therapy and self-help books and rational thinking to find safety in my daily life. But, through Nicole’s teachings and the Discover program, I learned that the safety was inside of me…in my body the entire time. I kept turning to the outside of me to find safety in various ideas and practices. I kept talking and reading and watching and listening to other people to find answers for why I was so distant and cold. And then I learned that the answers, the safety, and the truth was right there inside of my soft, warm, human body.

I learned that living an authentic and healthy life was about unlocking the wisdom of my body with a few simple steps: Pause and notice. Feel the sensations in your body. Be curious. Know there is nothing to fix because you are already whole.

If you want to go deeper in your life, live from your authenticity, experience deeper connection with others, and experience true emotional and mental health, I sincerely encourage you to check out Nicole’s programs. I will forever be grateful that I found Nicole and that I followed the call of my heart to do this work with her.

— AMANDA, Colorado USA

This program has changed my life. Nicole has somehow made this difficult - sometimes painful work - enlightening, warm, and even fun! I no longer see myself and my experiences in a negative light and in a short time I have learned so much about myself through her knowledge and my increased self-awareness. So many aha moments and doing so in a community has been a blessing. The biggest change has been letting go of my internal tension that until this program I could not see.

— JOSH, Sunshine Coast BC

I can highly recommend Nicole as an educator and practitioner. She gently, helped me access deep memories and frozen parts of my body. Working with her, I felt my heart open, shoulders lift, fears dissipate and my energetic  boundaries and self-esteem strengthen. I feel I now walk in the world with peace and self-confidence. I love being part of the community she has created and consider it vital to my continued healing and well-being.

— PAMELA, North Vancouver BC
(DISCOVER & 1:1 Client)

DISCOVER has brought much clarity into my life around my emotional triggers and responses to situations where I feel uneasy! I have this newfound set of skills in my tool belt to help me navigate through the challenges I face in my life and have discovered that there is nothing to fix; rather an opportunity to lovingly accept myself exactly where I am and use these subtle but powerful tools and methodologies to transform my mental and physical well being. Nicole and the team are an incredible group of individuals who will guide you with all the compassion, understanding and effort you need to truly transform your life. This is where the real work begins and the real transformations come to life! If you want to commit to truly changing your life, sign up now - you won't regret it!

— LUCY, Squamish BC

Oh my gosh. Where to even begin? This program has been an absolute essential experience to my life! It gave me life in a sense. Sounds overboard to those not in a somatic journey, but frankly I don’t know how else to describe it. I wish everyone could embark on this journey of expanding their self-awareness in a safe space that is also filled with like-minded individuals yearning for similar experiences. At times you’ll feel resistance to go deeper but the program and everyone in it will embrace you in the process. Take the leap and go for it!

Fernanda, Florida USA

Nicole truly is a gifted practitioner. I was carrying a life-long irrational fear of speaking up in work settings and Nicole helped me with this in only one group session! After the somatic experiencing session with her, I felt like a heavy load had been lifted from my shoulders. Additionally, I didn’t feel the need to talk about it over and over again… with her guidance I was able to ride the wave of uncomfortable feelings of fear, sadness and overwhelm. I finally feel free. I will continue to see Nicole as I believe the positive changes in my life are attributed to her as a gifted practitioner in somatic experiencing. She is a gem!

— STELLA, Vancouver BC
(DISCOVER & 1:1 Client)

Working with Somatic Experiencing has been the key to integrating all the other personal work I’ve embarked upon in the last decade.

DISCOVER allowed me to view my experience - in my body and mind - from a completely different place and move towards ‘riding the waves’ of emotion and feeling, rather than being swallowed and consumed by them.

The parts I found most amazing about the program were Nicole’s clear and relatable explanations of what was going on and the awareness of being able to feel and release the small and large traumas stuck in my nervous system through the practices.

The most valuable part for me was really getting an inside look at what I’ve felt was ‘magic’, and realizing I have a lot of influence and ability to help myself heal those traumas too.

DISCOVER is for anyone who is ready to help heal themselves and change their lived experience so that they don’t have to continuously relive the past, every day.

Nicole is exceptional at the work she does and DISCOVER gives you a beautiful introduction to both.

— RAE, Grand Forks BC
(DISCOVER & 1:1 Client)

Before I started EXPAND I had much less understanding of how my nervous system was responding to my environment and triggers. Taking the time to pause and notice and reflect with curiosity in an understanding environment of our weekly meetings I was able to see I was in a state of functional freeze overriding my own nervous system. I could see others' management strategies and reactions, responses, and patterns.

Through the year with EXPAND I grew the capacity to feel my own system and be present for others at the same time, choosing my responses from a place of coherence. I am so grateful for the access this program gave me to have 1:1 sessions with Nicole to dive deeper into my own understanding and healing.

Our weekly meeting where we each brought our own process for discussion gives an invaluable view of both Nicole's expertise in working with clients and the way in which the work lands for the lender.

As a group, we cultivated a connection with each other on a level that is often hard to find at this intimate level of insight and actualization. The content of this program just keeps on giving.

Amanda, Courtenay BC

In a time where we’re crowded by healers and different well-being modalities it can be difficult to know where to turn. When it comes to healing practitioners I’ve been around the block, both as a client with my own need for resolving my own traumas and as a holistic wellness mentor.
From my personal experiences with Nicole, her level of wholesomeness, unique approach, wisdom and aura is unmatchable. She has a way about her that can’t be learned - she just is.
Every time I see her I feel lighter, more embodied and way more resilient. My sleeps are deeper and my connection to my family and clients become way more fulfilling and less trying.
Nicole’s ability to hold a container for true healing that’s unattached to story is a skill that I wish all healing practitioners acquired more masterfully - myself included. Without a doubt I will continue to vouch for her and I believe that I will forever be inspired by her ability to regulate herself and continue practice what she shares.
If you’re called to heal, get to know yourself better or more fully show up for your family and clients then I vouch for this special human 100%.

Zoey, Squamish BC

Working with Nicole and her team through the DISCOVER program has unblocked areas of my life that I have struggled with for years. I have done lots of self development over the past 5 years and have grown but internally always felt stuck and not living from an authentic fully expressed self, especially in stressful situations. I now have a greater awareness of myself, my body, and how and why I respond to situations in my life. I have felt growth in self acceptance, compassion and love for my survival patterns and the roles they play in my life. I also learned that they may not have a role in my current life situations, that I have a choice to pause and experience something new in how I relate to others and the world. The knowledge and methods that Nicole teaches has facilitated me in feeling less stuck in unconscious patterns and increased my capacity to live authentically. To live from a place of rooted strength in my wholeness. Imagine there is nothing to fix!! How much space that has created in my heart and mind alone is worth the course! So grateful for this experience and opportunity to learn from the expertise of Nicole.

— Cathy, Nanaimo BC

With Nicole and the DISCOVER team, I was introduced to the tools I need to navigate my survival patterns in a safe and supported environment. I'd recommend this to anyone who is struggling with getting in their own way and emotional blockages and for anybody who wants to live their life with more groundedness and purpose.

Sara, Squamish BC

This program taught me how to move through feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and fear and come out of them feeling safe and empowered. Nicole is amazingly kind and patient and always made me feel like I'm right where I should be. I recommend this program to everyone I know.

Malina, Vancouver BC

During my time with Nicole in DISCOVER my experience or myself and my world has changed dramatically. I learned that responding to my anxiety trying to fix it or get rid of it was not doing me any good. In the 4 months we spent together doing this work I got off of my anxiety medication and learned of my wholeness. Learning of my wholeness means for me that I am aware of and feel whole. My whole life I have felt broken and fragmented. Nothing has ever helped with that. I love somatic experiencing with Nicole.

Over the past 2 years, I have focused on trying to find answers for why I was broken and how to fix myself. I felt quite lost and I just did not know how to move forward in life. It was after joining DISCOVER where I realised that I am whole and there is nothing to be fixed.

When I started the course, I was extremely activated e.g. feeling anxious, struggling to rest; attaching meaning to situations and relying on my survival behaviours. I felt that this is who I am. The DISCOVER programme, showed me a place where I am able to get through that activated place and show up more authentically. This was definitely an unknown place to me but it gave me a hope that there is another part.

DISCOVER, provided me the space to explore my boundaries and how it feels within my body. The use of imagination has helped me to learn more about my boundaries and use my body to tell me when it is ok to say yes or no.

Finally, the amazing thing about DISCOVER is the community. It has given me the opportunity to connect with other individuals from different countries and the ability to heal together. The feeling of safeness and being held has made this experience really memorable.

Thank you for giving me this space.

— PRIYASI, England

Joining EXPAND was life changing. No joke! I had been doing 1:1 and self practice in SE prior and really finding benefits, which is why I decided to join this group. The combo of the amazing educational content (so much of it!) plus the group work helped me “level up” more than any other practice to date (and I have tried a lot of them, trust me). I notice lasting improvements and shifts in all areas of my life due to this group. Work, relationships, health and how I feel on a daily basis. 

EXPAND is truly the perfect name. I have experienced so much expansion in all areas of my life there are seriously too many to list, but here are my top 5:

• SO embodied; increased intuition, greater ability to 'know' (make decisions easier and faster), my mind-body connection is in flow

• Better health as a result of listening to my body; less anxiety and stress, improved digestion, reduced allergies etc.

• More authenticity and connection; I'm more free, I notice I'm received by others, I feel more real and seen (I see this in all my relationships, including with my partner)

• Free your mind; I've always been super analytical and my mind used to exhaust me! I now have this amazing ability to step back as an observer and not get pulled into 'the story'.

• Resilience: Now I can roll with big emotions (eg. grief) and they don't consume me. Feelings have become natural and I can handle them.

— SUSANNE, Vancouver BC
(EXPAND & 1:1 Client)

I would love to share a bit of my experience in EXPAND. I had been working with Nicole about a year 1:1 before this offer came along. And I felt like I was ready to take a step further and deeper. Further because of the lessons and extra knowledge on nervous system geekiness I would learn. Deeper because groupwork for me felt a bit uncomfortable. Now, six months later, I am so happy I did it.

The connection with other people on a similar path feels safe and supporting. We only hear glimpses of each other’s stories and everyone is dealing with different things, yet there is a big sense of relief in knowing that other’s are on this path too. Holding space for each other also feels rewarding in a way, to be able to support and be a witness of someone else’s process.

The lessons are just so rich. There is theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge, different kinds of tools that help to nurture and support your nervous system. I love learning and understanding things so for me that was a big plus.

And then of course there is Nicole. She has such a natural way of connecting with people and forming a community. I love the humour she brings to the sessions. I love her relaxed and chill way of being present. And I love how, even though I only connected with her online, she has this big intuition and ability to sense what is going on in my body, in parts she can’t even see on camera. She is truly gifted.

— SOPHIE, Belgium
(EXPAND & 1:1 Client)