Stop Doing. Start Being.

Our society encourages "doing". 
The more you do, the more successful you're perceived to be. 
The more you do, the more "purpose" you have. 

We put little attention on being. 
Being is presence. 
Being is regulation. 
Being is what we are designed for. 

Yet, we are often stuck feeling the need to always do. 


It's important that we start to pay attention to this act of doing and start to explore the possibilities that lie in being. 
Your health depends on it. 
Earth depends on it. 

Let your body guide you in getting curious about this important - and not always easy! transition.

Here are some questions to ponder around this! 
Are you more of a doing person or a being'er? 
When in your day to do you notice yourself in more of a doing state vs a being state? 
How can you tell you're in more of a state of doing or a state of being? What do you notice in your body as an indicator?

Feel free to share with me what you discover 🤓

And if you're looking for more tools to support you into Being more often, I encourage you to join me for my LIVE workshop Get Connected (happening Friday July 16th). Also, check out my program DISCOVER (current version and rate only available to purchase until July 15th)! 

Wishing you curiosity and insight as you explore, 

💗  Nicole



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