Can you feel your potential?!

Recently I’ve been doing research calls to support how it'll be best for me to revamp my DISCOVER program. It's important for me to acknowledge the knowledge, training and experience I have that I want to share, AND it's just as important for me to know where you’re at in your journey and what it is that you feel you want support in!

What’s been really consistent with EVERYONE I’ve talked to thus far is that I can feel this silent (yet sometimes also loud!) something nudging them to inquire and explore the fact that there is more to who they are.
There’s this deep knowing that things can be different. That they have the potential to be something much more free.

Can you relate?!

This is why I LOVE doing what I do. To be able to support and witness people transforming out of their fears and survival patterns and to see them find greater access to authenticity and the potential that lies within them is so inspiring and gets me so excited!

I am reminded daily of the power of discovering how to be in our body and how when we learn to support ourselves and explore from a place of awareness and curiosity instead of trying to “fix” what’s wrong, powerful things happen!

Here are a few questions to ponder (be sure to watch the short video too!):
• Can you feel the potential that lies within you?
How is it that you experience it? 

• What happens when you pay attention to it?

It’s an interesting thing to inquire about!
Shoot me an email to let me know what you discovered!) 🤓

Or feel free to book yourself in for a research call with me to share a bit about your journey!

✨  Nicole



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