Connection is key for us.
With yourself, with others, with nature & with the universe. 

However, your trauma and survival patterns limit you from accessing these deep connections.
It's time to move out of what's limiting you from experiencing those connections.


One of the most incredible aspects of being human is finding and feeling connection.

When you're connected you're in flow. When you're connected you're present.
When you're connected you're able to easily regulate. When you're connected you're tapped into your life force energy.

Yet this connection is lacking in so many peoples lives.

It's time to change that!

When we feel connection we just KNOW.
YES! That.
The experience of feeling safe.
As though we're held, seen, and supported.
A part of something bigger.


This LIVE Workshop is about uncovering what might be getting in your way and providing support for you in discovering how to tap into that connection!


 Saturday December 4th

12-3PM PST
$60 CAD

(approx $48USD)

(Please note, this event WILL NOT be recorded.)

In this workshop you will:


✨ Discover some of your survival patterns and learn to recognize how they show up in your body.

✨ Learn about how accessing wholeness will help you in healing your trauma and allow you to move out of survival state.

✨ Expand your connection with yourself through guided explorations and movements.

✨ Explore your connection with others and how you relate and show up in the community.

✨ Gain tools that you can use on a daily basis to become more connected with yourself, others, nature and the universe.

✨ Become more connected overall!

Nicole has helped me view whatever comes up as part of the experience of being human. Looking at my experience from a nervous system perspective feels vital to me. I am leaving behind ideas of getting things wrong. My body is intelligent and why would I continue choosing not to listen? Why would I seperate what I think is right for me and what my body tells me is right for me? Maybe they can be the same. Thank you Nicole for your great explanations, metaphors, reflection questions and gentle response.

— VERA, Netherlands


Stay tuned for upcoming dates.

$60 CAD

(Approximately $48USD, £35, €40)


Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®, Somatic Practice, Feldenkrais® & Yoga Practitioner 

As a trained expert in body based trauma practices, I support people who feel disconnected and are craving deep, meaningful relationships with themselves and others shift out of their survival patterns, heal trauma and truly understand their nervous system so that they feel whole, empowered, free and a sense of belonging.

I'm fascinated by all of us human beings and I geek out on anything mind, body and soul related.

I am committed to supporting people in recognizing their own innate ability to move past the blocks that are stopping them from creating deep relationships with themselves and others so that they can living a more fulfilling and free life.

For this to happen we each need to move out of survival state, find regulation within our nervous system and be more connected within our mind, body and soul.

What drives me is seeing, feeling and knowing that the potential to do this lies in each of us.

I am here to create a movement. 
To get the word out before it’s too late and to have more and more people recognize that change is possible. 
Both within ourselves and globally.

Together we can make a difference. 
Together we can be the change.

Are you ready to dive into the deep with me?

In a time where we’re crowded by healers and different wellbeing modalities it can be difficult to know where to turn. When it comes to healing practitioners I’ve been around the block, both as a client with my own need for resolving my own traumas and as a holistic wellness mentor.

From my personal experiences with Nicole, her level of wholesomeness, unique approach, wisdom and aura is unmatchable. She has a way about her that can’t be learned - she just is.

Every time I see her I feel lighter, more embodied and way more resilient. My sleeps are deeper and my connection to my family and clients become way more fulfilling and less trying.

Nicole’s ability to hold a container for true healing that’s unattached to story is a skill that I wish all healing practitioners acquired more masterfully - myself included. Without a doubt I will continue to vouch for her and I believe that I will forever be inspired by her ability to regulate herself and continue practice what she shares.

If you’re called to heal, get to know yourself better or more fully show up for your family and clients then I vouch for this special human 100%.



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