Are you getting the most out of your self care practices?

You may have noticed that people are talking about the importance of self care practices more and more often. And for good reason! The need to be taking care of ourselves is at an all-time high. 
We, as a society, are living in more of a survival state than ever before. 

If we don’t take the necessary time to look after ourselves, we’ll end up deeper in overwhelm, more stressed, more anxious and/or more depressed. This is not how we are meant to live our lives!

It’s great that people are recognizing the importance of self care, and are taking action. 
However, there’s something many people are lacking awareness around when it comes to their self care practices.
Having awareness and exploring in a way that supports nervous system regulation and increasing your capacity is KEY. Without supporting yourself you may just be “pausing”, bypassing, avoiding and having little longterm impact on how you show up in this world. 

What the heck do I mean by all that? Watch the video and you’ll find out! 

My free Survival Guide and my program DISCOVER are also great resources!

Wishing you curiosity and insight as you explore your self care practices with this new awareness! 

✨ Nicole



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