Are you in flow? Or are you stuck?

I have found the river analogy to be SO helpful for both myself and my clients in understanding and identifying when we’re caught up in the chaos of our trauma and survival patterns versus when we’re coming from a place of connection, wholeness and presence.

When we’re in flow, we have access to life force energy.

When we’re in flow we are able to be with, navigate and move through whatever shows up in our life.
When we’re in flow we are present.

When we’re in a vortex we are “stuck” in our trauma and survival pattern.
When we’re in a vortex we are “stuck” trying to move through and complete something we didn’t get to do in the past - but with no real insight on how.
When we’re in a vortex we are not present.

Until we learn to pay attention, we won’t be able to know when we’re “stuck” in a vortex.

It’s time to pay attention.

Let this video give you some insight on how.

Fun fact about me, I was a raft guide back in 2005. I met my boyfriend at the time (who was also a guide) when I flipped the boat and he broke his foot. I only guided for a season (unrelated to the aforementioned foot incident!) but I spent years going on multi day rafting trips.
This picture’s from the most memorable trip I’ve ever been on - rafting the Grand Canyon. It’s still one of my favourite ways to adventure, and I miss those days! But like rivers, we're constantly finding new ways and directions to evolve and flow in, so maybe I'll one day guide you down more than a metaphorical river?!
You never know!


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