How are you!?

Tell me, what are your thoughts around the question "How are you doing?"

It's a potent question to ask, and also be asked, when there's space for the answer to actually be received. 
However, more often than not, we use those words as a casual greeting but we are unavailable to take in the answer being given to us or maybe even give an honest answer of our own.

Yet we all ask it! 
I often catch myself asking it at the beginning of my one on one calls. Then I instantly laugh, either at myself or with my client as they struggle to find the honest answer. Because let's face it, we often don't really know how we're doing!

As you’ve explored this work so far, you may have discovered that how you are is always changing. It takes some time to check in and be able to answer that question honestly in the moment!

So…here's an invitation to you. Pause from time to time and ask yourself "How am I?" There's no need to find the full answer, but let there be room for curiosity. What are you sensing in your body? Are there any emotions present? How's your breathing? How busy is your mind?

If you want to challenge yourself, after you’ve done some reflecting, put a one or two word answer to this "How are you?" inquiry!


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