For deep transformation you need to...

Are you looking to transform out of your crap and into a new way of being?

Then I highly encourage you to watch this video!

For deep transformation to happen there needs to be an integration between a self practice, a healing practice and a spiritual practice.

These three pieces go hand in hand and it’s important to weave all three into your transformation journey. 

More importantly, we need to make sure we’re not getting lost in one of these practices without having awareness of the others! Pieces may unfold at different rates, but without an awareness of these 3 components we can easily end up “lost”. 

A practice that’s mainly spiritual can lead to bypassing. 
A practice that’s mainly healing can leave us constantly trying to fix and find answers.
A practice that’s mainly about self can leave us stuck, oblivious to the layers that we do not see.

Be sure to check out this video for more of a low down AND for some tips on how to bring awareness and start to integrate all these pieces into your practice.

The truth is, the more you do, the more transformation happens organically, and with way more ease. Things don’t have to be so complicated and hard!

I’m you find yourself putting more of your attention on one or two of these practices, but that you're lacking in another? If so, what’s your go to? Where are you lacking awareness and support?

If you’re interested in learning more tools and ways on how to explore and integrate all 3 of these practices into your day to day, I encourage you to attend my live workshop Get Connected happening this Sunday April 11th, 10-2pm PST.

I hope to see you there!

✨  Nicole


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