Tips To Help You Find A Somatic Practitioner

I'm loving how many people are recognizing the importance of learning to listen to our body lately, and diving into the idea that nervous system regulation is key for deep healing to happen. I’m often approached about working one on one, and I really do wish I could support anyone and everyone who’s keen!

However, I’m currently only taking on new clients who are part of my EXPAND program (which will be starting again in the fall!)
For those of you interested in getting support in transforming and healing your trauma from a somatic based, nervous system approach, I created this video to offer up some tips on how to find the best practitioner for you.

These links are to modalities I have either trained in or think highly of. Obviously there are more techniques out there! I suggest seeing if any of them speak to you and finding a practitioner who has trained (and done their own work!!) in a few of these areas.

• Somatic Experiencing: 
* Find a list of SE Practitioners here:
• Somatic Practice (Kathy Kain):
• Somatic Resilience and Regulation (Kathy Kain & Stephen Terrell):
• Transforming the Experienced Based Brain (Stephen Terrell): 
• Gabor Mate:
• DARE/Attachment work (Diane Poole Heller):
• Organic Intelligence (Steven Hoskinson)
• NARM (NeuroAffective Relational Model):
• The Feldenkrais Method:
Wishing you ease in the process of finding someone to support you in inquiring from these perspectives!


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