Discover what's possible when you learn to listen to your body & support your nervous system!

This live workshop is for you if you're:

• Curious about untangling from your patterns and the conditioning you find yourself caught in

• Looking to increase your capacity, deepen your ability to listen to your body, and access your intuition

• Interested in understanding your nervous system and your stress physiology

• Keen to learn how my Principles and Guiding Tools can support you in deepening your connection to yourself & others

 In this workshops you'll:

• Discover how to use some of The Principles I've developed to pause & notice the state of your nervous system, and how to tell when you're caught in your survival patterns and conditioning

• Deepen your own awareness around what's entangled in these patterns and WHY they keep showing up again and again

• With some curiosity, you'll discover how to support your nervous system and work with these patterns in a way that creates space, choice, and impactful, cellular, longterm change

• Learn how to explore from a place of wholeness and with space, allowing you to live with more integrity and in more flow, instead of constantly trying find "the answer" and fix what you perceive to be "wrong" with you

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Somatic Experiencing®,
Somatic Practice,
Feldenkrais Method™,
Internal Family Systems Informed Practitioner

Just like you, I’m a whole and sovereign being, who also has patterns based on survival, conditioning, and impacted by our societal pressures and expectations. And like you, I’m here with purpose, to continue to evolve and live as part of the collective consciousness.

I’m a guide who supports from a place of embodied knowing, while also walking the path alongside you. My style of working is very intuitive and awareness based. I’m able to tune in to what's happening within other peoples experiences as I support them in exploring their conditioning and patterns that are often rooted in trauma, which can be anything that involves the need to survive.

My practice is a blend of modalities and I enjoy weaving the spiritual in with the science. Most importantly, how I guide others is a reflection of the knowledge I've gained through my own personal inquiries and experiences. I'm committed to supporting people in creating change at cellular and energetic levels while guiding them to listen to their own internal wisdom.

My offerings provide educational and experiential tools and practices that will move you out of survival, lead to more regulation within your nervous system, and have you recognize that you are a whole sovereign Being.  

I believe that the journey is never ending for all of us and that the only way that we can make real long lasting change is by connecting into our own internal wisdom.

My dream is for people to recognize and create more space for being human in all of its complexities, from a place of wholeness and with grace.

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 These live interactive workshops are the opportunity for us to come together with a community of like minded, curious people who are interested in awakening the truth of who we are!


$75 CAD


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 In Person Workshops:


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