The Experiential Podcast

Let's uncover the stories found deep within our cells, untangle from the patterns, conditioning and templates we find ourselves caught in and most importantly, be guided back into remembering that we are whole, sovereign beings here with purpose and choice. 



My intention with The Experiential Podcast is to reconnect us with both our internal and collective wisdom and for us to remember the gifts of being human. By tuning into our experience of ourselves, by recognizing and untangling from our patterning and conditioning, by reconnecting and remembering how to listen to our impulses, instincts, intuition and deeper knowing we will collectively return back to ourselves, back into connection with each other and with this planet.

The human experience has fascinated me for decades. Being human can be challenging, complex, fascinating and really quite profound. How often do you pause and notice that? Or, have you ever paused to notice that?

When you start paying attention, you’ll discover that we’ve all learned to navigate life in our own unique, yet often similar ways based on our history, our trauma, the burdens we carry, the patterns and the conditioning we’re caught in and the deep seeded systems we play into.

The ways in which we adapt to survive in this world are pretty incredible! Yet, with the adaptation comes our genuine expression of ourselves being dampened. Often this leads us to feeling disconnected, alone in life, lost and confused, not feeling safe enough or even knowing how to be ourselves.

Lucky for us, our brain is adaptable and in the same way as we can create survival patterns, the way that our brain and body communicate through our nervous system can change. We just have to learn how to tune in, explore our experiences and integrate the parts of ourselves that are entangled and stuck in survival. At the core, we haven’t forgotten who we are and what we’re capable of as a human being. We just need the opportunity to reconnect and remember.

I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying that you won’t find yourself still caught in your patterns and entangled in the systems. But you’ll discover that there’s nothing actually wrong with you and that you’re a whole sovereign being with agency and choice and that it’s possible to move through life with more spaciousness, more of a sense of grace, with an ability to pause, notice, and bring awareness and curiosity into what you’re experiencing and to what else is possible.

Through listening, I hope you gain insight and tools on how to not only gather new information and knowledge, but more importantly learn how to pause, notice and explore what it is that you’re experiencing throughout your life, as well as while you’re listening to each episode!

I appreciate you joining me.

Download The Experiential Guide!

Get the most out of each podcast episode by using this guide as a way to explore and get curious about the patterns that show up for you around the topics that we're discussing each week!


If you often find yourself getting caught in specific patterns and you're interested in exploring your human experience, I'd love to have you join me! 

Once a month I'll be hosting a "Get Curious" episode where those interested in exploring and untangling their patterns can join me!

In each episode we'll cover a different theme and throughout our conversation together we'll bring attention to the language of your physiology, where it is that you may be stuck in the threat response cycle, and what might happen when you explore your edges. By the end of the episode you'll have a deeper understanding of, and a greater sense of spaciousness around, the ways in which you survive in life. And you'll also have a greater sense of what it means to be whole!

I will welcome 2-3 people to join me for each episode. People will be chosen based off of a lottery system, while also considering your awareness around your patterns.

Please note, this is not a therapy session! This is us coming together to simply explore and get curious about your patterning!

I look forward to potentially having you join me!


Are you someone who's often avoidant, struggles with commitments and is hyper-independent? If so, I'd love to explore with you!

Applications have to be submitted no later than the third Wednesday of the month. We will record on the third Saturday of the month at 11am PST (subject to change based on peoples time zones)



Somatic Experiencing®,
Somatic Practice,
Feldenkrais Method™,
Internal Family Systems Informed Practitioner

Just like you, I’m a whole and sovereign being, who also has patterns based on survival, conditioning, and impacted by our societal pressures and expectations. And like you, I’m here with purpose, to continue to evolve and live as part of the collective consciousness.

I’m a guide who supports from a place of embodied knowing, while also walking the path alongside you. My style of working is very intuitive and awareness based. I’m able to tune in to what's happening within other peoples experiences as I support them in exploring their conditioning and patterns that are often rooted in trauma, which can be anything that involves the need to survive.

My practice is a blend of modalities and I enjoy weaving the spiritual in with the science. Most importantly, how I guide others is a reflection of the knowledge I've gained through my own personal inquiries and experiences. I'm committed to supporting people in creating change at cellular and energetic levels while guiding them to listen to their own internal wisdom.

My offerings provide educational and experiential tools and practices that will move you out of survival, lead to more regulation within your nervous system, and have you recognize that you are a whole sovereign Being.  

I believe that the journey is never ending for all of us and that the only way that we can make real long lasting change is by connecting into our own internal wisdom.

My dream is for people to recognize and create more space for being human in all of its complexities, from a place of wholeness and with grace.

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