Working with Nicole has been very powerful for me. Having chronic pain means that my nervous system health is crucial to my wellbeing. After trying many different treatments over many years, I have found that working with Nicole and Somatic Experiencing has shifted things that nothing else has. Nicole holds space that feels warm and safe and I find working with her, even on challenging stuff, feels not only doable but empowering and enjoyable. And because Nicole is so intuitive and the work focuses on listening to my body, I feel like our sessions are always exactly what I need in the moment (even when I come to them having no idea what that is)!

BC Canada

I love working with Nicole. She has a joy and relaxed exuberance that feels good to be with.
During a very stressful time last year I knew I needed some objective professional help with my mental health, and having just completed Irene Lyons 21 day and 12 week programs I felt primed to work with a SE therapist. Deciding whom to work with seemed such a daunting task at an already stressful time. Needless to say I felt and accepted the comfortableness of it all and started making phone calls and sending emails.  It was on my third or fourth contact that I connected with Nicole.  It turned out to be a very good fit for me.  From a practical standpoint I am so appreciate of her availability on Skype, and ease of making appointments and payments online.  Her background of Yoga and Feldenkrais excited me as I have benefitted from the practices of both.
I have found that the work Nicole and I have done and continue to do together gets down to a level of exploration that I am unable to achieve on my own. The exploration of states of being I am unaware of, or reluctant to touch out of fear of a level of terror that I otherwise protect myself from, become a supported adventure with Nicole.  I find my held physiological survival responses can be allowed to express, in a supported comforting environment.  I find the release of these energies frees up space for vitality, and I have found renewed abilities such as calm, confidence and courage to cope and manage life's stresses and challenges.

Port Moody,
BC Canada

Nicole is an absolute joy!  I always look forward to our sessions.  Along with her great knowledge, she brings her positive energy and caring nature.  Although we work via Skype, she's always "present".  She knows how to answer my questions and explain techniques in ways that I can comprehend, and how to bring me back when I wander off.  I have noticed that my self-talk is changing since our time together.  In times that would be considered trying, I more often think to myself the words that she might say to me and am starting to automatically go through some of the practices that she has taught.  She's is a great asset to my healing journey.


Working with Nicole has allowed me to make strides of progress in nervous system healing. She has a very gentle and caring nature. Her awareness is always on point and is really something amazing. The shifts that are most evident in working with Nicole are how I am so much more aware of my system and sensations, to have that connection with myself AND her, there is a strong sense of safety and comfortability to allow little bits of vulnerability, whereas in the past I was always really fearful to the thought of any vulnerability. The sense of safety and being able to connect with myself more deeply and process my emotions has made a tremendous difference in my day-to-day experiences. I'm not on edge, I'm able to slow things down rather than feeling like I must rush through my day or little situations we find ourselves caught up in that cause a stress response. It's like I am better prepared and can handle life with a little more ease, bit by bit. I look forward to continue working with Nicole and unravelling the uniqueness of my past and present experiences. I would highly recommend her.


I love having someone to touch base with, and despite my training as a yoga teacher, and decades of practice, I love talking about problems intellectually, and have a very hard time dropping into my body, and feeling things! This work has been irreplaceable in regards to the body attention and awareness it evokes. I think the thing I have noticed more than anything  with continued SE (Somatic Experiencing) work is my ability to be a lot kinder and gentler with myself. Loving. Despite indecision or impatience, there is a kind settling that comes more often in my body, instead of a cruel self talk. And this is such a gift. I look forward to many more sessions in the future!

Sayulita, Mexico