A wise friend once said to me, "Use dating as a way to get to know yourself.".
That's exactly what it's given me the opportunity to do!

I'm in no way a pro at dating - I'll take all the tips I can get! What I do know is that dating is an amazing way to bring our awareness to how we experience in relationship. It can shine the light on how we tend to show up in our survival patterns and our trauma instead of in our wholeness and truth.

I'd like to invite you to use dating as a way to gain awareness of how you are showing up. I'd like to guide you into discovering ways to get curious about how you can support yourself to shift out of your survival patterns, become more familiar with your experience and move towards more authenticity.

PLUS I'll be joining and sharing the dating journey with you every step of the way. I too am here to practice being vulnerable!


So...if you are:

💥 Interested in making dating an inquiry instead of a task

💥 Ready show up with more confidence and sense of self on your dates and in your relationships

💥 Ready to catch yourself when you're spiralling into a familiar pattern and gain the tools to support yourself to navigate your way into new possibilities

Willing to get uncomfortable and explore some unfamiliar territory

Keen to put focus on learning more about yourself instead of focusing on finding your match

💥 Ready to date and live life from a place of wholeness instead of from your survival patterns

💥 Connect with others on this journey and make this sometimes gruelling dating experience, actually fun!

Then join me and all the other people out there who are ready to bring deeper purpose to our dating experience in this LIVE workshop!



What's Included:

⚡️ 4 Live Intimate Workshops with Nicole supporting you in learning and exploring how to bring awareness and curiosity  to your nervous systems and survival patterns that show up while dating.
With interactive experiences, open conversations and small pod sessions these workshops are not to be missed!
Happening Sundays from 11-1pmPST starting Feb 6th

🤓 4 Weekly Worksheets to guide you through your weekly inquiries and explorations

📒 30 Days of Journal Prompts to guide you in inquiring into your experience daily

⭐️ Community Page to ask questions and share experiences!

Topics We'll Be Covering:

Swiping & Conversing

Are you aware of what you're experiencing when you open the dating apps and start swiping? Do you hesitate swiping right? Do you over think about what you're going to say? Do you worry you said too much or that what you said was stupid? Are you afraid of coming off as too forward?

Let's take some time to get curious about your experiences during these beginning stages of interacting. You may be surprised about how much your nervous system has to say and how often your survival patterns run the show!

This first week we'll be diving into understanding the language of your nervous system, how to recognize your survival patterns and how to invite your wholeness and truth to your dating experience.

Engaging & Dating

You've matched. What a perfect opportunity for your survival patterns to show up!

Engaging and meeting with someone new is a perfect place to observe and get curious about the ways you show up. Our survival patterns show up to protect us and keep us "safe". There's a lot of insight that can be gained about yourself the more you discover what it is they're protecting you from!

This second week we'll be inviting curiosity into how to notice when your patterns show up, but instead of always BEING them, you can actually play with doing things differently. Warning. This will likely involve getting uncomfortable!

Navigating Excitement & Disappointment

Dating can be quite the roller coaster of a ride! The highs and lows are real. From people not messaging you back to people not feeling the same way.

Being able to navigate these highs and lows is a reflection of your capacity.

The excitement can feel so good! Knowing how to navigate it while not "floating away from it" is key!

And when it comes to disappointment, so much can show up to help us cope.

The focus this week will be around understanding your capacity and how to support yourself in riding these waves instead of living off the highs and "floating away" and/or ending up being stuck deep in the pit.

Integration & Living From Wholeness

Let's face it, getting to know ourselves is an ongoing journey. The more you're able to recognize and support yourself in what you're experiencing, the more your nervous system becomes regulated and the more you discover that life isn't about fixing yourself or finding a partner to be happy, the more you'll find yourself living from wholeness and authenticity.

This last week we will be focusing on how to integrate what you're learning here into not only your future dating experiences, but into your every day living.

By discovering how to support yourself from a place of wholeness, life can be a lot more freeing and a lot less serious.

It's time to shift out of surviving all the time and it's time to start living from a place of freedom and authenticity. Let's do this!

Who am I?
Nicole Lohse - Single & ready to get vulnerable with you!

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®, Somatic Practice, Feldenkrais® & Yoga Practitioner 

It's been a while since I've had a solid long term relationship. I've learned that I used to be drawn to unavailable men, loved to keep myself protected and felt I had to do everything on my own. I've been spending the last 10+ years diving deep into getting to know who I am outside of my survival patterns and what I've come to realize is that the best learning about self happens in relationship!

This is why I have created this workshop. There's no better place than dating to get to know your survival patterns!

As a trained expert in body based trauma practices, I support people who feel disconnected and are craving deep, meaningful relationships with themselves and others shift out of their survival patterns, heal trauma and truly understand their nervous system so that they feel whole, empowered, free and a sense of belonging.

I'm fascinated by all of us human beings and I geek out on anything mind, body and soul related.

I am committed to supporting people in recognizing their own innate ability to move past the blocks that are stopping them from creating deep relationships with themselves and others so that they can living a more fulfilling and free life.

For this to happen we each need to move out of survival state, find regulation within our nervous system and be more connected within our mind, body and soul.

What drives me is seeing, feeling and knowing that the potential to do this lies in each of us.

I am here to create a movement. 
To get the word out before it’s too late and to have more and more people recognize that change is possible. 
Both within ourselves and globally.

Together we can make a difference. 
Together we can be the change.

Are you ready to get uncomfortable, get vulnerable and get to know yourself further as you date?



$600 CAD

Approx. $480USD / 350£ / 425€

This is live 4 part interactive workshop happening over a 30 day period with weekly explorations and practices.

It is encouraged that you attend the live components to get the most out of this offering.
Workshops will be live on Sunday February 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th from 11-1pmPST

Replays will be available but you will miss out on the community engagement and explorations.



I want to reiterate that I am in no way a dating coach of any sorts. My trainings and professions lie in nervous system and trauma healing. My invitation here is for you to use dating as an opportunity to get to now yourself more intimately. The outcome may be that you become more masterful at dating, but this is in no way the focus.


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