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Let's get curious about what you experience around anger. What brilliant survival patterns have you adapted? Are you quick to explode? Or do you quickly shove it down and pretend that everything is fine? Do you find that every little thing seems to set you off? Or are you someone who can't even remember the last time you were angry?  

What about your experience when someone around you is angry? Do you shut down, freeze and have the impulse to hide? Do you want to run and get as far away from the situation as possible? Or do you try to "calm the waters" and make everything ok? Or maybe you respond to the anger with anger of your own?

In order to become aware of your patterns around anger it's important to bring your attention to your experience. What do you feel arise in your body? Can you tell where and how your experience takes shape? Where and how does it get stuck or does it explode from? What else do you experience? Do you become fully engulfed and feel overwhelmed? Or do you feel yourself disconnect quickly and move into feeling numb and shutdown? What do you experience in the aftermath?

So much can show up for us when it comes to anger. There's a reason why most people have a "weird?" relationship with it!

Being able to feel, express and be with anger, aggression and rage in ways that are supportive and healthy is possible when you learn to shift out of your survival patterns and address your trauma and burdens that are entangled with your experiences of anger.

Are you willing to get uncomfortable, do some exploring and change your relationship with anger?!

In This 2 Day Workshop You Will:

😤 Discover how to create space to get curious about your relationship with anger.

😡 Learn how to become more familiar with your patterns and how your anger and your response to anger shows up in your body.

🤬 Untangle what's at play and find ways to create new pathways for your anger and response to anger to take shape.

✋🏻 Explore your relationship to boundaries and the knowledge that boundaries are more than just words.

💪🏼 Gain the tools to support you in moving in the direction of experiencing healthy expressions of anger, aggression and rage.

Let's face it, our anger has a lot of history connected to it. This isn't a quick fix, but the more you build your capacity, the more nervous system regulation you have on board and the more you're able to begin living from wholeness, the easier it is for you to navigate and change your relationship and experience of anger! This workshop will play a huge role in you moving in that direction!

Saturday July 2nd & 9th

12-3pm PST

$200 CAD

(Approximately $160USD, £125, €147)

It is encouraged that you attend this 2 day workshop live. Most of the activities you'll be exploring will be done in an interactive way and you'll get the most out of these explorations by attending live.
This event will be recorded and you will have access to it for 6 months.



The Intention:

The focus of the "Let's Get Curious" workshops is to provide you with an opportunity to deepen your understanding of your experience and relationship with hot topics like Anger, Money, Relationships, Purpose and so much more!

These 2 day events will shine a light on your survival patterns, give you insight into your trauma and provide you with the tools needed to navigate your way into changing how you experience yourself in relationship to these topics through nervous system awareness and education.

Be sure to check out this FREE "Let's Get Curious" workshop replay for the opportunity to learn about the 4 Key Principles that will support you in uncovering, exploring & shifting your survival patterns that show up around relationship, money and purpose!


Saturday July 2nd & July 9th, 12-3pm PST

$200 CAD

(Approximately $160USD, £125, €147)


Nicole has helped me view whatever comes up as part of the experience of being human. Looking at my experience from a nervous system perspective feels vital to me. I am leaving behind ideas of getting things wrong. My body is intelligent and why would I continue choosing not to listen? Why would I seperate what I think is right for me and what my body tells me is right for me? Maybe they can be the same. Thank you Nicole for your great explanations, metaphors, reflection questions and gentle response.

— VERA, Netherlands

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Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®, Somatic Practice, Feldenkrais® & Yoga Practitioner 

As a trained expert in body based trauma practices, I support people who feel disconnected and are craving deep, meaningful relationships with themselves and others shift out of their survival patterns, heal trauma and truly understand their nervous system so that they feel whole, empowered, free and a sense of belonging.

I'm fascinated by all of us human beings and I geek out on anything mind, body and soul related.

I am committed to supporting people in recognizing their own innate ability to move past the blocks that are stopping them from creating deep relationships with themselves and others so that they can living a more fulfilling and free life.

For this to happen we each need to move out of survival state, find regulation within our nervous system and be more connected within our mind, body and soul.

What drives me is seeing, feeling and knowing that the potential to do this lies in each of us.

I am here to create a movement. 
To get the word out before it’s too late and to have more and more people recognize that change is possible. 
Both within ourselves and globally.

Together we can make a difference. 
Together we can be the change.

Are you ready to dive into the deep with me?

Working with Nicole and her team through the DISCOVER program has unblocked areas of my life that I have struggled with for years. I have done lots of self development over the past 5 years and have grown but internally always felt stuck and not living from an authentic fully expressed self, especially in stressful situations. I now have a greater awareness of myself, my body, and how and why I respond to situations in my life. I have felt growth in self acceptance, compassion and love for my survival patterns and the roles they play in my life. I also learned that they may not have a role in my current life situations, that I have a choice to pause and experience something new in how I relate to others and the world. The knowledge and methods that Nicole teaches has facilitated me in feeling less stuck in unconscious patterns and increased my capacity to live authentically. To live from a place of rooted strength in my wholeness. Imagine there is nothing to fix!! How much space that has created in my heart and mind alone is worth the course! So grateful for this experience and opportunity to learn from the expertise of Nicole.


— CATHY, BC Canada


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