NEW - Exploring Nervous System + Trauma

I loved and appreciated being on this podcast with Lexy. As someone who's participated in DISCOVER, it allowed for us to flow in conversation with a deeper understanding of what this work is all about. 

Hope it sparks some curiosity for you! 

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NEW - Moving Out Of Survival & Into Flow


Tara and I chat about the nervous system, the threat response cycle, trauma, why listening to your body is so important and so much more!

It was a pleasure connected with Tara who's in the process of becoming a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner herself!

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Healing Our Nervous System

Join Mark and I as we walk through how to be more connected with yourself by understanding the language of your body and your survival philosophy. By building your capacity and regulation at a nervous system level, your resiliency will only increase. It's from here that you’ll shift from surviving your way through life to thriving and accessing more of your truth.

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Healing Your Nervous System & Embodying Liberation

In this conversation Kylie McBeath and I talk about all things nervous system healing and increasing your capacity to be with everything this human experience invites.

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Embracing Wholeness

Join LeAnn and I as we discuss why unblocking past trauma can lead to a greater sense of completeness, freedom and awareness. She also shares why working with me changed her life!

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Rewiring Your Body: Who Am I Really?

This is one of my favourite podcasts that I've done thus far because it felt like I was hanging out with two old friends, shooting the shit around important, meaningful topics. We cover a lot!
Here's to having more conversations like this on the regular. Enjoy!

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Your Body's Brilliance: Healing Dating Fears & Anxiety

In this episode, I join Kate and Catherine to explore how to connect with your inherent wholeness and heal dating fears and anxiety. My body based work teaches you how to self regulate and choose who is aligned with you rather than choose partners from your fears and wounds. I offer tangible practices on connecting with your body and learning the language of sensation.

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Outta Survival & Into Flow (Through the Body)

We talk "go mode", how this can actually be a survival pattern and how we can achieve in a more healthy way that is connected to our bodies.
How the end goal of this somatic/body work is not to "always be in a state of bliss" (this is bullshit). But instead, to be able to move through the experiences of life in a regulated way where we are connected with ourselves and have awareness around our nervous system responses.
And so much more!!

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Moving from Survival to Regulation

Join Erika Wirth and I to explore:
- Healing from a place of wholeness rather than "brokenness"
- The range of our “Survival States"
- The difference between dissociation & “freeze”
- The contrast between dysregulation & regulation
- Recognizing the value of your survival patterns (getting to know the “allies”)
And much more!

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A Q&A about Healing

Join me, Dr. Jeremy Goldberg and his community "Team Never Giver Upper" for a chat around nervous system healing.

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Listening To Your Body & How Discomfort Can Be A Gateway To Growth

Betsy and I talk about somatics, neuroscience, trauma and discomfort. I also do a mini demo session with Betsy to share the subtlety yet powerful transformations that are possible through this work!

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Nervous System Regulation, Deep Connection & Belonging

Join Olivia and I for a juicy conversation. We dip into attachment styles, the importance of connection and shifting out of being triggered.

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Shift From Surviving to Thriving

Join Julie, Liz and I to grasp what it means to support yourself from a nervous system perspective.

I love these two women so much!

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Nervous System & Healing Trauma

Sheleana, from Rising Woman and I chat about:
- how the nervous system responds to trauma
- fight, flight, freeze and overwhelm and how this shows up in our relationships
- navigating conflict
- expression of anger

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Becoming Whole

Laura and I discuss what it means to be whole and how we can begin embodying the experience of wholeness.

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