Work with Me

Life isn’t always easy. But it’s well worth living. You know things can be good. Sometimes great. But you don’t always feel that way.


  • You feel stressed by the littlest things.
  • You get anxious.
  • You don't sleep well.
  • You suffer from depression.
  • You have chronic pain.
  • You have constant health issues.
  • You have lost a sense of who you are.

You’ve tried meditating. Changing your diet. Exercising. Breathing. Thinking positively. You’ve had some success. But things often get difficult again and you fall back into your regular patterns. You’re trying to make a change but feel like you’re only scratching the surface of something that’s much deeper.

So let’s explore things at a deeper level.

The key to long lasting change in improving how we experience ourselves is to work at a nervous system level. To work with the stored trauma in our body.


I can offer support if…

  • you want to take your healing into your own hands.
  • you feel that something is missing in your healing.
  • you seem to be doing everything possible to get better but don’t seem to be making much progress.
  • you feel your past is limiting who you are becoming.
  • you feel things have never been the same since a particular event.
  • you are constantly stressed.
  • you struggle with anxiety, depression, autoimmune diseases and adrenal fatigue.
  • you have chronic pain.
  • you feel disconnected from yourself and the world around you.
  • you want to see real lasting change in yourself and the world.

Curious and have questions? Get in touch!

What does a typical session look like?

This is a question I get asked often. And I can’t give you a specific answer as everyone has different things they may be working on and everyone's system will have the capacity to work with things in different ways.

One-on-one sessions can be done in-person or through online video chat, using conversation to bring attention to what arises in the body.

The main focus is to explore the dis-regulation and the incomplete stress responses (trauma - the stored up fight, flight and freeze) that’s stuck in our body. This may be due to the result of specific accident(s) or event(s). It could be the result of repetitive abuse like bullying or assault. It could come from constant stress. It could stem from developmental trauma or the learned patterns passed down from our caregivers (or lack of caregivers). The causes could be many things.

What’s unique about this work is that its approach is somatic. Somatic refers to “of the body”. The focus is less on the cause and the the story and more on what is showing up in the body while we work together. What's showing up in your body may be expressed and explored through sensations, behaviours, feelings, emotions, memories, images and associations.

For me, there lies an importance in creating a safe and supported environment for you to explore what arises. The focus lies in working towards finding better regulation, flow and capacity in your system. To let those incomplete responses complete. And to begin to move towards living with greater regulation and capacity for what comes our way.

Working with Nicole has allowed me to make strides of progress in nervous system healing. She has a very gentle and caring nature. Her awareness is always on point and is really something amazing. The shifts that are most evident in working with Nicole are how I am so much more aware of my system and sensations, to have that connection with myself AND her, there is a strong sense of safety and comfortability to allow little bits of vulnerability, whereas in the past I was always really fearful to the thought of any vulnerability. The sense of safety and being able to connect with myself more deeply and process my emotions has made a tremendous difference in my day-to-day experiences. I'm not on edge, I'm able to slow things down rather than feeling like I must rush through my day or little situations we find ourselves caught up in that cause a stress response. It's like I am better prepared and can handle life with a little more ease, bit by bit. I look forward to continue working with Nicole and unravelling the uniqueness of my past and present experiences. I would highly recommend her.