A whole lotta Yoga and Feldenkrais videos

Years ago I committed to putting together a video a month to share with those who were interested in having some guidance in their “rolling around on the floor” experience. I created 28 lessons!

Here they all are. You’ll find Mellow, Flow, and Feldenkrais lessons. Have a scroll. Read the descriptions. And have a play!

Please note that the sounds and quality is not always the best. I was learning – and still continue to 😜

FELDENKRAIS. Awareness Through Movement.

Stretch Dynamically. This video is all about gaining mobility – in a ‘dynamic stretching’ sort of way. If you know me and my teaching, you know that I think ‘stretching is overrated’. (I will go into more detail regarding this soon). This video is a great example of how it’s not about sitting there and forcefully trying to touch your toes for minutes on end to lengthen your hamstrings. Often people comment that they’re hamstrings got longer after doing this lesson then after years and years of ‘stretching’!

Connect with Your Pelvis. This video is a feldenkrais lesson all about exploring the movement in your pelvis. When we learn to find more mobility in our pelvis we find more comfort in our low back and hips. Keep your movements simple and small. Play with finding easy and smoothness in the movements. Be curious. And most importantly enjoy!

Sit to Stand. Feldenkrais in Tofino, Canada. For this video I thought I would try something NEW! This is a Feldenkrais lesson. In many of my other videos I amalgamate various Feldenkrais goodies into the sessions but I have yet to do a pure, 100% Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson. So… Ta Da! Here you have it!

MELLOW YOGA. Rolling around and stuff.

Sunset Yoga. This session is all about getting a sense of yourself in space. Feeling yourself in 3 dimensions as you move through your practice. Not too chill. Not too much work. Enjoy the sunset!

Yoga in the PNW. I was camping down on the Washington coast a couple weeks back and while lying in my tent ‘moving around’ thought “Hey. I should film a yoga video in my tent!”.
But the backdrop there was too beautiful! So I still created a little series that could be done while in a tent, or in bed for that matter, but filmed the video with a view.
It’s mellow. Gets in all the right areas, and leaves you feeling mobile and ready for what’s ahead. Enjoy!

Yoga Nidra! For when your minds just a little bit ‘crazy’. Yoga Nidra. A guided meditation that will leave you refreshed and ready for ANYTHING! A great alternative to napping. Hopefully you manage to stay awake through it all… Enjoy!

** Sorry if the sound is bad. I am no pro videographer and seriously need better recording devices…

Yoga on a stormy Sunset Point. This is a mellow session. A little bit of randomness really. Some yoga. Some feldenkrais. Mainly all about exploring range of motion in your wrists and shoulders.

Candle Light Yoga. A super chill session that gets good and deep into those feet and hips. For those of you with bad knees, please be honest with yourself. If you feel something, STOP. Sit on blocks or cushions, or adjust yourself so that you are comfortable.

 Yoga at the Airport. It’s nice and mellow one filled with many of my favorite movements and poses.

Yoga on the Sea of Cortez. This session is super chill. You won’t even get to your feet! The beginning explores some breath work helping you discover a freer and deeper breath.

YOGA FLOW. Move and work a little (or a lot…)!

Yoga in Morocco. This session taps into strength. Not too intense, but will get you planking for sure. Filmed amongst the painted rocks in Tafraout, Morocco. A place well worth a visit!! Watch out for the video bombers…. Enjoy!

Yoga in the Summer. A little bit of yoga. The chance for you to move, find mobility, flexibility and balance. Why not right!?

Yoga on the Big Island, Hawaii. A little flow amongst the palm trees on the Big Island of Hawaii. Modify as you need to and always make sure you’re breathing!

Yoga on Vancouver Island. I filmed this months yoga video just before going for a surf. A little wetsuit yoga action. I suggest doing this video in the comfort of your comfy clothes. You’ll be able to move your arms a little easier then when in a wetsuit! There’s lots of arms overhead and side bending that goes down.

Yoga in Montezuma. This yoga video is all about exploring flexion in your torso which is one of my favorite things to practice. So many of us carry so much tone in our back muscles. Society may lead you to believe that to balance out back issues you have to strengthen your core. I call bull shit. I can rant on this topic for hours, but that I’m saving for a future video. Don’t worry. You’ll get a taste of it in this one…

Yoga on Maui.  How can you go wrong! An all around gooder with some rotation, forward folding, arm work and good times.

Yoga in Vancouver. Be warned you’ll have to work a little in this video. Some moving. Some balancing. But you’ll get to chill some too.

Yoga in Whistler. A mellow flow. Some warrior 2, triangle, side angle kind of practice!

Yoga at Kennedy Lake. It’s a flow so there’s lots of moving involved. I suggest having some experience before giving this video a go as its a bit faster paced with a few more challenging moves. Don’t be afraid to modify and move at a speed that is more appropriate for you.

Yoga in a Cove. Somewhat flowy with some work. There’s a fair amount done on your hands. So those of you with wrists that bug you be gentle. Feel free to be on your forearms instead.

Yoga in Tofino. This months yoga session explores some simple flexion and extension/rounding and arching of your back. Your spine is made up of a whole lotta vertebrae, and when you find more freedom in the muscles surrounding them you will discover greater mobility and comfort in your back.

Yoga at Long Beach. In this practice I focus on how your feet can influence how you find support. I invite you to be curious and really begin to sense how it is you use your feet. It may be affecting how you carry and move yourself in your everyday activities.

Yoga in Santa Teresa. This session is great for all levels – although you may have to be prepared to work just a little!!

Yoga in La Ventana. The focus in this video is getting into your hamstrings. There is a fair amount of time spent holding the poses so that you can really sense and get in there – be sure to adjust as you need to.

Yoga in the Mexican Desert. This session has a bit more flow to it. Be prepared to move. Adjust as you need to, listen to your body, and make sure your breathing. Most importantly enjoy!

Yoga in Vancouver. Its a mellow one. A little more hatha(y). You’ll still have to work some. Be prepared for a bunch of strap work to help find mobility and flexibility in your hip and shoulder joints. Be gentle with yourself and make adjustments as you need.

Yoga in Hamburg. An easy flow with a bit of arm strengthening and some hip opening.

Yoga in August. This video is great for all levels and explores finding mobility and flexibility in all areas of your body. Simple and sweet. Move at your own pace. Breath. And most importantly enjoy.